Fraternities & Sororities

Complete list of all recognized chapters at UCI.

Fraternities                                       Sororities       

Interfraternity Council (IFC) Panhellenic Association
Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Epsilon Phi
Beta Theta Pi Alpha Phi
Delta Sigma Phi Delta Delta Delta
Kappa Sigma Delta Gamma
Phi Delta Theta Gamma Phi Beta
Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) Kappa Alpha Theta
Phi Kappa Psi Pi Beta Phi
Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Kappa
Pi Kappa Phi
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Engineering
Sigma Chi Phi Sigma Rho
Sigma Nu
Sigma Phi Epsilon NPHC
Sigma Pi Alpha Kappa Alpha
Triangle Fraternity
Delta Sigma Theta
NPHC Latina-Based
Alpha Phi Alpha
Lambda Theta Alpha
Phi Lambda Rho
Latino-Based Sigma Lambda Gamma
Nu Alpha Kappa  Sigma Pi Alpha
Sigma Delta Alpha
Sigma Lambda Beta Asian-Based
alpha Kappa Delta Phi
Asian-Based Delta Lambda Chi
Lambda Theta Delta
Kappa Zeta Phi
Pi Alpha Phi Phi Zeta Tau
Multicultural-Based Multicultural-Based
Zeta Phi Rho Delta Phi Gamma
Lambda Sigma Gamma
Armenian-Based Sigma Delta Sigma
Alpha Epsilon Omega Tau Theta Pi
Alpha Gamma Alpha

Recognition of Fraternities & Sororities  

The names of the fraternities & sororities listed on this page are the only chapters recognized at UC Irvine. There are honor societies and other professional organizations that use greek letters, but they are not recognized as a fraternity or sorority. Be aware of any group that says they are a fraternity or sorority but is not listed on this page or is not registered with the Student Life & Leadership Office. Unrecognized groups are also considered underground groups due to the fact that their activities are done in secret.

Expansion Schedule

Delta Tau Delta - January 2017 


Sigma Omicron Pi - Recognition suspended for two years for hazing in 2016
Lambda Phi Epsilon - Recognition revoked for hazing in 2007
Theta Delta Beta (TDB)


Fraternities and sororities at UC Irvine are able to link to the UCI Greek LIfe website. UC Irvine does not endorse or monitor individual chapter's websites for content. The ability to access individual chapter websites through UC Irvine's website is NOT an adoption by UC Irvine of any individual chapter's acts inconsistent with the policies of UCI.