Governing Councils

Interfraternity Council

The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of 15 fraternities at UC Irvine. Many of the fraternities are member organizations of the North American Interfraternity Counference (NIC). The IFC oversees recruitment, educational programming, and the promotion of the fraternity community at UC Irvine.

Panhellenic Association

The Panhellenic Association consists of nine National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chapters and two associate chapters. The Panhellenic Association is the local governing body of the NPC at UC Irvine. The executive committee organizes formal sorority recruitment during the fall quarter, quarterly education programs, and represents Greek Life at UC Irvine.

Multicultural Greek Council

The Multicultural Greek Council is the governing body for over 20+ cultural fraternities and sororities at UC Irvine. The council is made up of NPHC, Latino, Latina, Asian, Armenian, and Multicultural fraternities and sorororities. The MGC oversees educational programming and the promotion of the cultural fraternity and sorority community at UC Irvine.

NPHC Council (Not Active)

The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. of UC Irvine represents three historically Black Greek-lettered organizations. Both fraternities and sororities belong to NPHC. The purpose of the National Pan-Hellenic Council shall be to create and maintain high standards in the life of fraternities and sororities by addressing, coordinating, and developing actions strategic on matters of mutual concern to the affiliate organizations such as community service, educational programming, and the promotion of student leadership; and to serve as a conduit for such action plans as may be developed to perpetuate constructive fraternity and sorority relations.

Honor Socities

Order of Omega

The purpose of the Order of Omega is to recognize those students who have attained a high standard of leadership in inter-Greek activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive for similar conspicuous attainment. It is to bring together the most representative fraternity and sorority members, and to create an organization that helps mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate affairs. Finally, to bring together members of the faculty, alumni, and student members of the institutions fraternities and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness.

Rho Lambda

Rho Lambda, the National Sorority Leadership Recognition Society, was founded at the University of Miami as a local group in 1962 under the direction of Dean Louise P. Mills. The Greek letters Rho Lambda stand for Panhellenic Leadership, respectively. The purpose of Rho Lambda is to honor those women within the sorority community who have exhibited the highest qualities of leadership and service to their Greek community and their sorority. They are women who have furthered the ideals and principles of the Greek community throughout their years of sorority affiliation.

Gamma Sigma Alpha

The purpose of Gamma Sigma Alpha is to recognize and advance academic excellence as a core value of fraternities and sororities. At a national level, Gamma Sigma Alpha does this through the recognition of Greek communities with GPAs over the campus average, scholarships for members pursuing graduate work, presenting academic programming at regional conferences, and our research initiative.

Greek Programs

Greek Songfest

Greek Songfest has been one of the University of California Irvine’s most inspiring and valuable student organization philanthropy’s.  Established in 1980 by students in the university’s Greek community, Greek Songfest seeks to achieve two goals: first, to enrich the creative atmosphere at UCI by promoting the advancement and appreciation of musical and dramatic arts through its musical showcase, and second, to focus the philanthropic efforts of the entire Greek community toward one single effort.  Culminating in a spring musical theater showcase by university students, the entire year is spent raising awareness and raising funds for the year’s chosen philanthropic partner.

Greek Week

Greek Week has been a long time tradition at the University of California, Irvine. Each year fraternities and sororities are paired up together to compete in a week-long set of competitive events. Based on performance, participation, and various other criteria, the pairing with the most points are crowned the Greek Week winner.  Greek Week not only brings together the Greek community for one major event, but it also showcases the chapters to the rest of the UC Irvine community. Along with the social and entertaining aspects of the week, a major emphasis is always placed on joining together for one philanthropic cause, which truly shows how powerful the Greek community can be when it is united for one goal.


Greek Presidents Council

The Greek Presidents Council is a weekly forum made up of fraternity and sororority chapter presidents, council presidents, and leaders in the Greek community.  The weekly GPC meting is held on Mondays at 12pm.  Campus departments and student organizations are welcome to present upcoming events and information. The Greek President's Council is chaired by the Greek Life Administrative Intern.